"I went to see Lisa after having an MRI on my shoulder.  I was told I would need surgery to correct years of abuse from working construction.  I only wanted to have surgery as a last resort and didn't want to take prescription drugs to mask the pain.  I sought out alternative methods and had acupuncture recommended by others.  I booked an initial appointment with Lisa; she did a total intake and we began treatment.  I experienced relief after the 1st treatment and the road to recovery progressed steadily from there.  We were able to begin to space out my treatments until I now may have one every 4-6 months.  That sure beats surgery!!  Many thanks and much gratitude to Lisa for a job well done!  I can't recommend her enough!" - Will M.




"As someone over six feet tall, I have had chronic back pain on and off for years. Lisa changed the game for me. Hours of countless sitting in school led to constant low back pain. After starting treatment I felt immediate relief. After a few sessions my back pain was dramatically reduced and within a month it was almost gone. Acupuncture is a process and Lisa made it simple, informative, and she even helped by recommending stretches and lifestyle changes." -Jason K.




"My experiences with Lisa McCoog, my acupuncturist, has always been extremely positive. As someone who suffers from bilateral Achilles tendonosis, among other things, my accupuncture treatments have given me faster relief that physical therapy. Prior to having my first experience, I wasn't sure about accupuncture, but now, I am sold. I had treatment with other acupuncturists, and I get the best results with Lisa. She is a very gifted therapist, and I highly recommend her." - Wendy B.

"I highly recommend Lisa McCoog and Island Life Acupuncture! Lisa's treatments are gentle and very effective. In my case, she resolved ongoing pain in my arms and hands. I truly appreciate her warm and caring manner. I am grateful to have found such a skilled practitioner." - Connie P.

"Lisa was very caring and knowledgeable. She was very competent and professional. I felt so relaxed in her capable hands." - Sharon D.

"Going to Island Life is beneficial for my life. I will admit I was skeptical in the beginning, however after the first few visits that the therapy is very relaxing and helpful for my healing process." - Michelle D.

"Lisa is a very gifted acupuncturist, who provides superior treatment for her patients, in a very caring, attentive, and thoughtful way. Each treatment is carefully customized to target the needs of the patient." -W.B.

"Lisa McCoog of Island Life Acupuncture is amazing! I started seeing her for back pain. Along the way, I started treatments to help curb my cravings and over-eating, muscle pain following workouts and much more. It truly works! #ILoveAcupuncture and I highly recommend #IslandLifeAcupuncture" - Andrea R.

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Lisa McCoog, L.OM, Dipl.OM

"I believe that there is a better way to health and wellness.  I believe that true healing can occur when Alternative Medicine works together with Conventional Medicine to help patients achieve their greatest potential and healing.  My goal is to help my patients achieve their greatest level of health and happiness;

whether that is by reducing pain, addressing stress or mental health issues, allergies and digestive disorders or any myriad of things in between.”

-Lisa McCoog, L.OM, Dipl.OM, M.Ac

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"I came to Island Life with an impressive list of ailments that I did not want to address with drugs, we're we're not responding to medication. Suffice to say that after just a few visits the list has gotten remarkably smaller. I admit to being a bit of a skeptic going in, but no longer. Not only is the process painless, Lisa's caring nature is a delight." -I.L.

"Acupuncture has really helped my shoulder problems. As a chiropractor I had never tried acupuncture until I went to see Lisa. She takes her time and has real concern for how you're feeling and what she can do to help. I recommend her to my patients as well."-G.M. 

"This is a warm and caring environment. I feel Lisa knows what she is doing and my symptoms are improving." - J.G.